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March 22, 2014 @ 7:00 am
beside Dutse Shangbagyi and Dutse Alhaji,Bwari Abuja
its the season of Lent, When the church is thrown into sober reflection, many activities take place, from having Ash applied on our foreheads which plays a prominent significance in remembering all that we were made from ash and unto ash we shall return, followed by couple of church programmes(the laity week etc) the youths are not left behind in all of these, they pertake in every activity from the distribution of ash till good friday.YOUTHS DURING PASSION PLAY
whosoever saves his soul will loose it, but he who looses his soul for my sake will save it, whosoever carry’s his cross and follow me, will be glad he did

passion play rehearsals is on in all parishes, and youths are also taking part in youth week organized. i urge everyone of us to take the period of lent seriously, get rid of addictions and pray often.

Lenten Pilgrimage to Dutse Maria hill gathers all youths from different parishes in the Abuja Archdiocese to experience what, How lent is celebrated.


  1. THIRD PLACE OF CARDINAL ONAIYEKAN’S MATCH PLAYED YESTERDAY THE 30TH OF NOVEMBRE 2013 WITH st micheal sabon gari as winners of the match finals today around 1pm don’t miss out. taking place at nysc camp

  2. Lent 2014: Make your sacrifice meaningful not miserable.

    n the Roman Catholic Church, as well as a growing number of protestant churches, the holy day of Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent season. What is Lent? It is the season of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

    2014 Lent season dates:

    Ash Wednesday is on March 5, 2014
    Palm Sunday April 13, 2014
    Good Friday April 18, 2014
    Easter Sunday April 20, 2014
    Traditionally, Christians choose something to give up during Lent. Their sacrifice is a response to the sacrifice Jesus made when he was crucified on the cross. Their sacrifices seem trivial in comparison to the ones Jesus made.

    What kind of things do you give up for Lent? Perhaps you take a sabbatical from Facebook or not consuming a certain type of food. Are those meaningful things to give up for Lent; or just random things you’re challenging yourself to live without?

    Here are some ideas for a more meaningful Lent sacrifice:

    Give up technology for 1 hour each day. The goal is attainable and the result will be more time with family. Use that time to strengthen bonds with family or friends face to face.
    Let go of negative feelings. Release those feelings or anger, jealousy or fear. Find positive ways to reestablish your mindset. Is it easy? No. Is it meaningful? Absolutely!
    Give out a little of your heart by starting a pay it forward chain. Once a week (or once a day), do something nice you would not usually do. Order and pay for a hot apple pie for the car behind you in the drive thru. Offer to help someone with their groceries. Compliment someone on their appearance (even if they don’t look great). They may need that positive recognition to get to a happier place.
    Give up the word “LOVE”. During the season of Lent give up this four letter word and replace it with actions. When Lent season is over, after Easter Sunday, the word love will have a more substantial meaning and those around will have a better image of what love actually means to you.
    Find a way to make your sacrifice unique and meaningful. Look outside the box and into your heart. Find a way to peel off any old dead layers of yourself and replace those layers with a fresh new and rejuvenated perspective.

    Peace be with you and yours during this Lent season.

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